The History of Cooldaddy Media

Cooldaddy Media produces music, websites, logos and any type of graphic design. The Cooldaddy Media website first went online in 1994, and this is version 18.1 of the website.
Cooldaddy Media has been owned and operated by Stuart Coleman since 1991, producing music, websites and graphic design. Cooldaddy Media is now an LLC and the holding companies for Admiralty Sailing and Admiralty Media. Cooldaddy Media was the official media sponsor for the Racing Program of the Beneteau 331, Reliance, from 2004-2008.

The Origins of Cooldaddy Media


Cooldaddy Media began operating in 1985 as a music fanzine, Cooldaddy. Published by Stuart Coleman’s Zebra Tone Inc. in the Shenandoah River Valley, the zine covered the college music scene.

Two digest and two tabloid issues were printed with a circulation of 1000 per issue. The magazine was produced on a Radio Shack Tandy 1000 computer with a dot matrix printer for copy. All headlines were set with dry transfer Letraset lettering. Halftones were shot with a stat camera and most resizing was performed with the magic of xerography.

Before Cooldaddy Media

Before the college heydays there were the high school salad days with the punk rock sensibility of the McLean Free Press, a pseudo-intellectual, anarchist high school paper published by Cooldaddy founder, Stuart Coleman, and notorious multi-media recluse, Gary Ream.