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Cooldaddy Media Music Design

Cooldaddy Media has been about music and graphics since its earlier incarnations as Zebra Tone, Incorporated in the early 1980s, The Coleman Group in the late 1980s, Coleman CyberArts in early 1990s and in its current incarnation ever since. Bringing music to a design sensibility has been at the core of the Cooldaddy Media aesthetic. There have been over 5000 of at leat 50 crude poster designs that once graced (or defaced, depending on your point of view) the public spaces of the Washington-Maryland-Virginia area in the 1980s.

Cooldaddy Media CD Covers

Okay, so one has only to look at the music pages of this website to see most of these designs but there are a few that bear further review.

Back in the the mid 1990s, Cooldaddy Media did some design work with React Records and this Techno compilation was one of the results. The artwork is actually the scanned motherboard of a MAC IIfx.

Big Black Nun was a great alternative band in Washington, DC in the mid 1990s. This CD cover is a trifold of the Washington, DC skyline created in Bryce, that great 3D program. Cooldaddy Media also designed the band’s logo, cassette covers and many a concert poster and newspaper ads. When digitized, they will become part of the archive.