The Music of Cooldaddy Media

Cooldaddy Media founder, Stuart Coleman, has been writing and producing music since 1981. All of these songs were written/produced by Stuart Coleman/Nick Stewart. Many of these songs were originally written and recorded at the Coleman-Capra-Cohn Cottage on Ivarene Avenue in the Hollywood Hills from 1993-2002.

The Absolution

The Absolution is Cooldaddy Media’s flagship recording artist with Nick Stewart as the creative force and Stuart Coleman handling the production chores. The music is “a molotov cocktail of industrial strength gothic lounge.” Nick Stewart, long time goth-industrial singer/composer has been writing, producing and performing as The Absolution since the 1990s.


Singer / Songwriter Lori L Black is the voice and the message behind one of the sexiest sounds to emerge on the LA scene in the late 1990s. While she has since pursued a country music career, these early Allspice recordings are currently being remixed and remastered.[/az_column_text][az_audio_container]


Apothecary was a one-off solo musical project from Nick Stewart and Cooldaddy Media featuring more trancy and techno sound than The Absolution. A limited edition 4-song EP was released in January 2000.[/


Apostatic is the ongoing (for over a decade) for collaborative projects between Nick Stewart and other talented singers, musicians and people that stumbled into Nick’s Life. The music is varied, the songs are disparate, and the message is clear, come on over, record some vocals and let’s see what happens. This is what has happened.[/az_column_text][az_audio_container]

Millenium Infinity Combo

A selection of lounge stylings comfortably boothed in naugehyde and with ashtrays that get emptied regular during that post work cocktail hour. This was a limited issue release back in 1998 when fears of Y2K were just beginning to circulate.[/az_column_text][az_audio_container]

Cooldaddy Media Remixes

Cooldaddy Media has been producing remixes of music since the first collaboration between Paul Raven, the (late) bass player of Killing JokeProng and many others and Stuart P. Coleman for the Die Krupps song, The Final Option for the Cleopatra Records label. Since then, pretty much all of the remixes are done under The Absolution moniker by Stuart Coleman/Nick Stewart.